Microsoft has suddenly quietly stopped its Ethereum (ETH) blockchain service Azure, what’s going on here? Insider on cryptography

Microsoft stopt plotseling stilletjes met Ethereum (ETH) blockchain-dienst Azure, wat is hier aan de hand

Microsoft will suddenly shut down Azure’s blockchain service. The blockchain as a service The Software Giant’s Platform (BaaS) will no longer be available from September 10. Microsoft has not made an official announcement or explained why.

Recently the service closure appeared in a document on Microsoft’s website and users noticed just a few days later:

“On September 10, 2021, the Azure Blockchain will be discontinued. Migrate general ledger data from the Azure Blockchain service to an alternate offering based on development status in production or evaluation.”

The timing is pretty amazing. Several companies have made big announcements for Azure in recent days. Microsoft itself yesterday announced its collaboration with Mars to serve the blockchain:

Microsoft Azure even received a new slogan last week:

So what exactly is happening here is unclear to say the least. On the website, Microsoft recommends Azure users to switch to the Quorum blockchain service from Ethereum (ETH) developer ConsenSys. Users will have until September 10 to migrate.

Azure was created in 2015 in partnership with ConsenSys and has some major clients such as JPMorgan, Singapore Airlines, Starbucks and Xbox. It is also unclear what will happen to the Azure champions, one Non-exchangeable symbol (NFT) A project in collaboration with Enjin (ENJ).

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