Meteor shower, Halloween and a new Toy Story movie

Meteor shower, Halloween and a new Toy Story movie

It’s Friday and we have a special weekend ahead of us, because the clocks go back an hour. This means an extra hour of sleep. This is good news, but there is a lot of good news to give. Think of the beautiful footage, the thrilling series, the new Toy Story movie, and the fact that there was already life on Earth 2.5 billion years ago.

Beautiful rashid on the delicate plate

Every year, the Perseid meteor shower returns, and even though it’s been a while since it happened, a photo came out so beautiful that we posted it anyway: Uros Fink went to a mountain in Slovenia for a special space rain to capture footage. . To be precise, Mangart Saddle. He managed to capture this special phenomenon perfectly. So he’s a true Perseid fan and that doesn’t surprise us: the meteor shower is considered the most beautiful of the year.

Spooky during Halloween

This weekend is Halloween. Although it is a real “thing”, especially in the United States, it is increasingly being celebrated in the Netherlands. Halloween, by the way, means “All Saints’ Eve,” an evening in which the dead are resurrected. In the past, this mainly happened in the cemetery, which can be a bit “creepy”. In the United States, children dress up as Halloween and ring houses in the dark and shout “Trick or Treat.” During Halloween parties, you are supposed to dress up, preferably as original as possible. In Hollywood, too, big stars manage to appear every year in the most amazing clothes. Heidi Klum, among others, is known for her original and spooky looks during Halloween. More in the mood for a scary movie? Check out our tips for scary movies to watch over Halloween!

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Life found on a 2.5 billion-year-old sapphire

Researchers have found life on a 2.5 billion-year-old sapphire. This life comes in the form of microorganisms that ensured that the gemstone got its shape. Researchers at the University of Waterloo studied how sapphires get their shape and found the remains of a microorganism. The rock comes from Greenland, a well-known location for colored gemstones and minerals. It was likely alga or bacteria, which ensured that the stone, despite having a little oxygen when formed, was still beautiful.

Now on Amazon Prime Video: Maradona, the blessed dream

Do you like the soccer player Maradona, or the unique guy who hides behind the soccer player? Then there’s now a biographical series on Amazon Prime Video that you must see. In the series, Nazarino Casero, Juan Palomino and Nicholas Goldschmidt played the main roles of Diego Armando Maradona during his life. From the small town of Fiorito in Argentina to his career in Barcelona and Naples. The series consists of 10 episodes of one hour each, showing all the important moments in the life of the legendary football star.

The photographer shows what Russia really looks like

Russia is a magical country. Not only is it a giant, the culture is very different from ours in many ways. Photographer Alexander Petrosyan shows what Russia really looks like on his social media accounts. People, beautiful cities, special situations: it all shows. Scroll through the timeline of beautiful photos and learn more about the special traditions of the Russians.

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