Melbourne Powerball players are urged to check tickets after a $ 20 million prize was left unreported

Victorian Powerball players are being urged to check their tickets after it was revealed that a lucky gambler had won the first-class prize of $ 20 million.

The only information that lottery officials possessed is that the player purchased an unregistered ticket at Doveton News and Lotto in Melbourne.

The Powerball 1280 was drawn last night, with the winning numbers: 30, 20, 7, 3, 25, 21 and 31. Arsenal’s number was 2.

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There is no current way for administrators to contact an unregistered winner. (The Lot)

There is no current way for administrators to contact an unregistered winner.

The owner of Doveton News and Lotto Prince Narula said he had been telling every customer that offered him the winning ticket.

“Wow, it’s so exciting! We’ve been telling clients about the win all morning,” said Mr. Narula.

“We hope that everyone who checks their ticket is a winner, but so far no one has found the good news.”

Doveton and Lotto news, where the winning ticket was sold. (Google Maps)

Under Victorian law, unclaimed lottery prizes never expire. After six months, the money is transferred to the Government Revenue Office.

Until then, you must present your original ticket with your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address clearly written on the back of each ticket.

According to Lott, the odds of winning a Powerball with seven numbers and a Powerball are over 134 million to one.

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