Megan and Harry’s plans on Netflix were brutally rejected in the poll “Watch the paint dry sooner!” | Royal | News

Megan and Harry's plans on Netflix were brutally rejected in the poll "Watch the paint dry sooner!"  |  Royal |  News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced yesterday that they have signed an exclusive deal with the US broadcast giant to produce television programs, documentaries, and children’s programs. In response, asked its readers if they would continue watching the couple’s shows, and the vast majority said they would refuse to watch them.

The poll, taken from 1 pm-10pm on September 3 on, asked: “Are you going to see the new Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shows on Netflix?”

The vast majority of respondents, 95 percent (8,229 people) voted “no,” while only five percent (318 people) said yes.

Less than one percent of 8,649 people, 102 people, chose “I don’t know.”

The survey results were also supported by the YouGov survey, which found a similar result.

Their poll, of 2,713 adults on September 3, asked: “Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have announced that they have cemented their plans to produce large-scale cinematic and television content for Netflix. How interested, if any, are you in watching this?”

Eight percent said they had little (20 percent) or no benefit (64 percent).

Only 12 percent said they were interested in the content. readers took to poll comments to explain why they refused to see the couple’s new shows.

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“They only get the deal because of his title.”

Another guy said, “They are just exchanging the RF connection for MegaPax – they are amateurs, they have no idea how to do anything, but they will take other people’s work as their own.

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“Netflix once they see what is being produced will decide whether or not it’s worth streaming.”

One reader thought it was unfair for the Sussex family to flaunt such a lucrative deal.

They wrote: “People are losing their jobs and in some cases losing their homes. People are forced to rely on food banks.

Unemployment will rise in the next few months to levels not seen in years.

Next comes these two BRATS pampered companies with a £ 75m Netflix deal.

“Where do we begin explaining this to young children who are not getting a job and are unlikely to get a job anytime soon.”

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