Meet, the first interactive robot server

Meet, the first interactive robot server
Photo of GKI Group

Cecilia’s story goes back three years. Before contacting Cecilia at GKI, they presented the idea as a one-off project called “Botender” to help the company stand out at its AI conference, with a robotic voice-activated bartender created in just one week.

After the success of that conference, I started working at GKI on a new, better looking unit, tentatively called “Robobar”. It was functional, with better automation, had more customization options, and most importantly, we created a 3D interactive bartender inspired by the robot bartender from the movie ‘Passengers’.

Robobar made a successful Israeli tour, serving drinks to thousands of conference attendees while GKI customers, including Cisco, NSO, Microsoft and others, proudly employ them.

After the “tour”, they turned to the drawing board and started working on the latest version of Robobar that would be suitable for events, but could mainly serve in companies. The robot is built with sleek futuristic design, improved artificial intelligence skills, touch screen display, cool new LED lights. female A bartender who became the face of the brand – Cecilia.

Cecilia is named after Mary Louise Cecilia “Texas” Jinan, an actress and entrepreneur best known for running pubs and nightclubs in the United States in the tumultuous 1920s. She was as powerful, influential and pioneering as Cecilia.

In addition to entertaining visitors and mixing delicious and accurate cocktails, the robot waiter is also able to acquire “non-human” skills, such as collecting and analyzing data for actionable insights, and displaying a screen with advertisements and brands, complete on demand. For every occasion, work 24/7 without a rest or shower break.

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