McDonald’s was hacked in Korea and Taiwan


Fast food chain McDonald’s has been exposed to computer hacking of the company’s systems in Korea and Taiwan. Hackers have managed to steal personal data from customers, the chain confirms after a Wall Street Journal report. It would be a small number of files, some containing both employee and customer data, and not a ransomware hack, which would require paying money to recover the data.

It will also not be about payment details, but about emails, phone numbers and addresses used for delivery. The company declined to say exactly how many people were affected. Customers and relevant employees will be notified of the digital intrusion.

In addition, McDonald’s has informed regulators in Asia. The company also announced Friday that it has appointed outside consultants to investigate unauthorized activity on its internal security system. The reason for this was a specific incident in which the unauthorized access was resolved within a week.


An investigation into the breach revealed that data from employees in South Africa and Russia would also have been stolen. McDonald’s said in a statement that the company was taking steps to improve security.

Recently, large companies have been subjected to similar computer hacks quite often. For example, the largest oil pipeline company in the United States was recently hacked.

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