Max Verstappen will appear again in F1: Drive to Survive – Netflix Netherlands

Formula 1 Drive to Survive Netflix

Max Verstappen will see a lot more in Formula 1: Drive to Survive next year. In the documentary series about the royal class, the Dutchman is rarely seen in his world title. It occurs, but is not widely followed. That will be different next year.

Verstappen in Drive to Survive

Verstappen criticized the documentary in the early years of Drive to Survive and therefore no longer wanted to collaborate. That will change now, because he has had a conversation with its makers. This was announced by the current world championship leader before the Great Britain Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver also appears to be on course to win the world title this year.

Had a good conversation

She signed: “We had a short but good conversation.” ad on me. “I told them what I don’t think has gone well in the past. I want to have a greater say in how I am portrayed, rather than doing an interview and not knowing what they are going to do with it. It has to be more realistic and I want to have more control over that.”

Popular in the United States

Four seasons of Drive to Survive have already featured, mainly in the US, and this has drawn in Formula 1. That’s also why Verstappen is excited to be re-joining. “I don’t like being on top, but I understand they want to see me on Drive to Survive. This Netflix series is helping tremendously with the popularity of the sport, especially in the US. I wouldn’t mind being part of it, but on my terms. It should be Good for both parties.” The new season of F1: Drive to Survive will be around the current season and will arrive on Netflix in mid-March 2023.

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