Marvel Boss Kevin Feige’s response to the Chinese ‘Shang-Chi’ controversy

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige's response to the Chinese 'Shang-Chi' controversy

The Chinese box office is very important to Hollywood at the moment. The box office recovered faster than many other sectors of cinema, but at the same time no American films were released there.

On paper, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings seem to have the right cards to go out in the country, and achieve success there as well. But criticism is not pleasant. For example, the first trailer received a lot of comments because the actors were primarily raised in the United States and Canada. Many people in China comment on the Mandarin character, which critics say is based on stereotypes.

meet criticism
Marvel president Kevin Feige said in a new interview that the studio is doing its best to accommodate people from all over the world. In doing so, he focused on the criticism surrounding The Mandarin (whose story is based on that of Fu Manchu, in some of the comics the father of Shang-Chi).

“It is true that in the early comics, Fu Manchu was part of the story. Fu Manchu is not a Marvel character, not a character we would like to have and someone who turned into a comics years ago. He had no intention of having him in the movie,” Feige said.

“Fu Manchu is not in the movie in any way. I think it’s important for people to know and understand that, and when they see the movie, they get the evidence. And the movie, because he’s such a degrading character that we never wanted him to be used.”

“Shang-Chi’s father is a new character created for this movie his name is Wenwu and the most exciting thing is that he was played by one of the best actors in the world, Tony Leung.”

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