Martin “Ramses” Heijmans wants to penetrate the United States

Martin "Ramses" Heijmans wants to penetrate the United States

Martin Heijmans won a Golden Calf in the Netherlands and an Emmy in the United States. Certainly awards to be proud of, but Heijmans has some regrets. “I should have flown to Los Angeles with an Amy in my hand.”

In an interview with Volkskrant magazine, RamsesThe actor is very candid about the bumpy road it often takes actors to get past our small country. It really worked: his role in the series of the same name Ramses Shafi was very successful at the Emmys.

self protection

If only he had been slightly affected by his own abilities, because then he could have gone straight after Emmy. “I thought for a long time that I was neither a real singer nor a real actor. Perhaps through some form of self-protection.”

The article continues after the announcement

After graduation, he was mainly stressed, because during his education at the drama school he regularly heard that he could not be weak. But instead of using that to open up, he took it as evidence: “Look, I can’t do this. I also saw people around me who were much better than me.”

Ramses praised

Role Ramses Put an end to those thoughts. It was hailed as Ramses External affirmation is perhaps not the most important thing: it helped him greatly to see himself differently. However, he is still very self-critical, especially now that he wants an international breakthrough.

Martin Heigmans Amy

After winning an Emmy, he auditioned for all kinds of shows and series from Netflix for two years, but that didn’t come up with anything yet. “I should have flown to Los Angeles with Amy in hand at the time, put that picture on the counter at the major casting agencies and said: ‘So, who can I speak with here? “

I’m going to Hollywood

Will Martin Heigman still do it with an Emmy, or will he try his luck in Hollywood later on through auditions? Whatever the case may be, we hope that Martin Heijmans will be the next Dutch star we meet in American films and series, just like Michel Huisman and Marwan Kanzari.

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