Mariah Carey might team up with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson soon

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It’s all because the “When You Believe” singer posts on social media a photo showing the directors ‘chairs with the three singers’ initials appearing on the back.

Ice Showbiz Now that the end of the year is fast approaching, so is the holiday season. And when it comes to Christmas, of course it has to be Mariah Carey. The New York singer recently teased her upcoming movie “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas”, which will be airing on Apple TV, apparently Ariana Grand And the Jennifer Hudson.

All because of Mariah’s latest photo uploaded to social media to spark her upcoming release. In the photo, people can see three chairs with the initials of the three singers written on them while Mariah hung on the picture with the Christmas tree emoji. This made people doubt her new collaboration would feature Ariana and Jennifer.

Not surprisingly, people are excited about the possibility. “Oh my God if this is Ariana Maria and efforts I will cry,” one guy was so excited that he wrote in big letters. “Not a collaboration between Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson ….. 20 # 1 featured”, there was another liking just as much, even speculating that the “Champion” singer would have another # 1 song on Billboard’s Hot 100 because of that collaboration.

Meanwhile, an individual compared her to Maria’s collaboration with Whitney HoustonWhen you believe. The aforementioned person commented, “Screaming. This is a white moment + Mariah, but in modern times, with Mariah ….. creative.” Another guy shouted, “Yall … if AG represents Ariana Grande, he’s already fainted! Like a complete swoon! This will be the moment we never imagined we’d have … Also JH has to be Jennifer Hudson! I’m shivering!”

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If the speculation is correct, it will really comfort the rumors of a rift between Ariana and Maria. Previous reports indicated that the two singers were not in a good relationship as people continued to compare them. Ex maria, Nick Cannon, He previously said of their meat in an interview, “That’s what Mariah hates, and Ariana made a fundamental mistake by saying – or I don’t even know if she was herself – but, it was related. It was like, ‘next’ or ‘new’ Mariah Carey. . [And she’s like] “f ** k does that mean?” I’m Mariah Carey, why do you need another one? Why do you need the next? ”

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