Man carrying torch arrested at home of D66 Cage leader

Man carrying torch arrested at home of D66 Cage leader

Kag is in isolation at home because she has been in contact with someone who has coronavirus. Like many other politicians, the future finance minister is regularly threatened and intimidated.


The man was depicted by the allies who together chanted slogans. The pictures show how the man rang the bell in the house, and he was photographed even through the door window.

According to various media, the arrested man was arrested last month when he visited the home of interim Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) in Rotterdam.

Nuisance Reports

Police confirmed the arrest and said there were several reports of disturbance in the area. “After that, we also saw that there was a live broadcast on social media, which also helped establish exactly what happened.”

The man could have been identified based on live broadcast photos and then arrested. Police were unable to determine whether the suspect had already appeared to Minister De Jong before. The matter is now under further investigation.

Politicians reacted terrifyingly to the incident. Kagg’s Rob Gettin talks about “a scary scum.” “Keep away from the homes of politicians. How far should we let it go in the Netherlands?” D66 MP Jan Paternott calls him “a complete fool and a very dangerous one”. “Anyone who touches our ministers touches our democracy. And yes: words matter.”

Powered by FvD

Other party leaders also condemn the action, including PvdA’s Lilian Blomen, Kristenone’s Geert Jan Segers, SP’s Lilian Marijensen, Animal Party’s Esther Oehand and BoerBurgerBeweging’s Caroline van der Plas.

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Segers and Ploumen also point the accusing finger at the Forum for Democracy (FvD) in their tweets. The PvdA leader wrote: “The intimidation of politicians, fueled by the conspiracy theories of Bodet and his comrades, aims to undermine our freedom and our democracy. We must all stand up to this.” Seagers: “I’d say to anyone with a weakness in FvD: Wake up.”

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