Maker The Sopranos in conversation about a movie or series sequel | to watch

Maker The Sopranos in conversation about a movie or series sequel |  to watch

David Chase, creator soprano, is in talks with HBO Max about a possible new part of the popular TV series. Just like the last version sopranos . movie Many saints in Newark The new part will take place before the events of the series, which aired on HBO between 1999 and 2007.

WarnerMedia, owner of streaming service HBO Max, is currently in talks with Chase. Anne Sarnoff said in an interview today with final date. Sarnoff is the CEO of Warner Bros. , the parent company of WarnerMedia. It is not yet clear if it is a series or a movie.

Thanks for the movie Many saints in Newark, which will be shown in cinemas in the Netherlands from November 11, sees HBO popular soprano Sarnoff says it’s up again. ,,do you see soprano It appears in the top ten of the most-watched series again. It literally has it all sopranoRaise the privilege again.”

missing subscribers

Earlier today, it was announced that HBO Max and the pay channel HBO have nearly two million fewer subscribers in the United States than it did three months ago. This is due to the expiration of the distribution agreement with Amazon. HBO was previously available on Amazon Prime. HBO MAX and HBO subscribers have increased worldwide.

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