Lufthansa wants to benefit from the British advance in vaccinations


German airline Lufthansa wants to take advantage of British plans to exit lockdown. Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings has started offering tours between the UK and Spanish holiday island Mallorca for the first time. This happens when vaccination progress is halted in Germany.

The airline said Eurowings will initially fly vacationers from Birmingham and Manchester to and from the Spanish island twice a week starting at the end of May. This is the first time that Eurowings has flown to the UK from their base in Mallorca. Further expansion will be explored in the coming weeks.

The UK appears to have emerged from the European nation lockdown earlier than Germany due to the rapid spread of vaccinations. Britain has provided around 33 vaccines per 100 people, compared to Germany only 8 vaccines per 100.

According to the airline itself, flights to Mallorca are also in great demand. Eurowings says British tourist reservations to holiday destinations in southern Europe have increased by 600 per cent since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of the lockdown.

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