Long queues in Schiphol on the first weekend of July | interior

Long queues in Schiphol on the first weekend of July |  interior

According to an ANP reporter in Schiphol, most people seem to accept the crowds. There is really no question about the angry reactions from the waiting passengers. However, many people seem concerned about whether they will embark on their journey. A look at the departure boards shows that there are also many cancellations and delays.

Due to the lack of staff in baggage handling and security, Schiphol previously predicted that it would be very difficult to handle the large summer crowds. Then the measures were announced and airlines were instructed to limit the number of daily passengers.

“It happens that there are people queuing outside the departure hall. But it will continue,” a Schiphol spokeswoman said. According to her, the crowds are comparable to previous weekends.

It notes that the previously reported maximum number of passengers who can leave per day will only apply from July 7. But according to her, Schiphol is trying in several ways to manage passenger flows in the right direction. For example, temporary office staff are deployed to assist and special security trainers explain to people standing in line what they should and should not take from their bags at security.


Monday threatens a new problem. Farmers’ organizations announced that they wanted to shut down the country that day, including talk of measures in Schiphol. Schiphol advises travelers to take public transport as often as possible on Mondays to avoid any blockade. The airport and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee are preparing for different scenarios, but don’t want to go into detail about it. The defense is also ready to assist Schiphol on Monday.

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The world of travel is not only having problems in the Netherlands. This weekend, for example, there is a strike at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. As a result, one in five flights will not take place at France’s largest airport on Saturday. Activists want a big pay rise now that international air traffic is back up again and inflation has risen sharply.

Why did Schiphol ignore all advice to prevent overcrowding at the airport? That and more in a new episode of the travel podcast:

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