Long lines in Schiphol? If you have enough money you can bypass them

Long lines in Schiphol?  If you have enough money you can bypass them

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Long queues, fewer travellers, and canceled flights: Problems at Schiphol – caused in part by a lack of staff – have been harassing travelers who want to go on vacation for months. Although the situation is no longer as dire as it was during the May holidays and early summer, the problems are still far from being resolved. It will take at least another two months for enough staff to be hired (and trained) for a smooth transition, and in all likelihood the problems will not go away.

So it is understandable that travelers will be looking for ways to avoid the long queues before then. The obvious choice is to visit an alternative port of departure, or a vacation by train. If you still want to leave via Schiphol, it is best to book a flight while the rest of the Netherlands is still in bed. The lines are shorter at night.

Hotels behind customs

It is also possible to reserve a room at one of the two hotels behind customs, so that you can bypass the queue early. You can then wait quietly in your hotel room until you have to leave for the gate. This saves the anxiety that waiting in line can cause.

If you don’t really want to wait (too long), you can try using one of the services that promise priority for security checks. For example, there is Privium, where with a subscription (from 155 euros per year) you can use the so-called priority lane can be grabbed. Due to the large number of applications, Privium However, a membership freeze was imposed until “at least September 1”. You can still use the service if you apply for an American Express credit card.


Don’t feel like a new credit card, but do you have money left? Then you can always use the so-called VIP services in Schiphol. The service includes “check-in, baggage handling, passport processing, limousine/luxury bus/complimentary car transportation and F&B service.” You can also wait in a private lounge, if available. All this costs 471.90 euros per reservation.

Unfortunately, for people with a smaller wallet, there’s not much more to do than put up with long queues. At least until the staffing shortage is resolved.

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