Live: Police handle a busy Saturday night with a curfew kicking in at the bar at 10pm

Live: Police handle a busy Saturday night with a curfew kicking in at the bar at 10pm

“We fully understand how difficult the past six months have been for people.”

Assistant Chief Constable Glenn Mayhew said: “We fully understand how difficult the past six months has been for people in our communities in Devon and Cornwall. The majority of people have followed the directions and played their part in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“The Southwest has one of the lowest infection rates in the country but we cannot afford to feel complacent right now. Nationwide, the infection rate is rising rapidly and we must continue to work together to keep everyone safe. It is crucial that the public takes the time to understand the regulations. And take personal responsibility for their actions.

Devon and Cornwall Police will maintain the 4Es approach to new legislation by using engagement, education, and encouragement to require members of the public to comply with the regulations. I hope the public will continue to act responsibly and comply with most incidents.

“We will clearly support these measures and in circumstances where individuals clearly and blatantly violate the legislation, especially in large parties or where there is anti-social behavior or disruption, implementation can be expected. The rule of Law 6 is not new and it is completely clear. We all have a personal responsibility. To be followed to help stop the spread of a deadly virus.

As part of the new restrictions, all hospitality businesses must close by 10pm. Our employees and licensing teams will fully engage with licensed buildings to ensure compliance. We continue to work with our partners in local authorities, environmental health, food and commercial standards to help companies understand their responsibility and trade within the rules.

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Fines for people who do not wear masks have also increased to £ 200. Those exempt from wearing a face mask will not be fined. Our approach remains the same, which is to treat people first, educate them about the law and encourage them to comply. Whenever we have no choice left, we will apply it, but this is the last resort. “

Under the ‘rule of six’, anyone who congregated in a group of more than six in any indoor or outdoor setting would continue to be dispersed and could now be subjected to an increased fine of £ 200 if they refused to comply.

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