Limburg has doubts about the 1.75 million contribution to the DSM transfer

Limburg has doubts about the 1.75 million contribution to the DSM transfer

The vast majority of the Limburg Regional Council do not necessarily wish to contribute to the relocation of the DSM’s head office from Heerlen to Maastricht. The provincial government has allocated 1.75 million euros to contribute to the costs of moving the chemical giant, but this development is controversial in the province.

30 out of 47 members of the Limburg Provincial Council are against the regional financial contribution. They want an additional cost-transfer meeting on September 9, 1Limburg reports. In a letter to the county government, they demanded that “before that time, such funds should in no way be transferred”.

DSM announced last week that it will build a “new, sustainable, modern and inspiring head office” in Maastricht. “The new office will be a visual translation of the DSM culture and will support the company’s hybrid way of operating in a club-like environment where people can meet and collaborate,” the company said.

“Religion of Honor”

In Heerlin, there was an immediate frustrated reaction to the impending departure of the main office. The municipality spoke of a debt of honor because the company has been in the city for more than a century.

There is also disappointment and criticism in the province. “There is a strong feeling in the district that they are ‘taking everything away from us,’” says Member of Parliament Anne-Marie Fisher (50 Plus). “But if the DSM wants to leave Heerlen, they will have to pay for it with their own money.”

No “quality enhancement”

The majority in the provincial council agrees with it. In the letter to the county government, the senders note that €1.75 million comes from a regional fund aimed at enhancing quality for village centres, small towns, neighborhoods and districts.

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“Making business relocation for multinationals was not a priority and therefore does not fit within the framework set by the Limburg Parliament,” according to CDA, PVV, SP, SVL, Forum for Democracy, Party for the Animals and 50Plus, representing 30 of 47 seats.

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