Lifehack: Have you seen the series yet? How to remove recommendation from Netflix | right Now

Lifehack: Have you seen the series yet?  How to remove recommendation from Netflix |  right Now

Netflix tries to give you exactly what you want to see through all kinds of algorithms, but sometimes you want to exercise more control. This tip will solve one of the most annoying Netflix problems.

We’re talking about titles that you’ve seen for a long time, but still appear in your recommendations. Or, you watched an episode or two of a series and concluded that it wasn’t for you, and then Netflix keeps giving it to him.

It can be very annoying to constantly run into series or movies you started before, especially if they replace things you might want to see.

Delete individual address

Removing the single title from the Find More row is very simple. On your TV, select the title from the category and choose “Remove from Continue Watching” in the menu, although this may not work in every TV app.

On mobile devices, this is done through the menu with the three dots under the heading, where you can choose “Remove from row”. From your desktop, you have to hold your mouse pointer over the title of the movie or series and click on the tab.

Clear your entire viewing history

But if you’re reading this article, chances are your annoyance has already risen above one headline and you’re ready to take even tougher action. Fortunately, Netflix also provides an option to view and delete your entire viewing history, although it is somewhat hidden.

The best way to find this option is through the desktop. Sign in to Netflix via a browser and go to “Account” via your profile in the top right. Scroll to Profile and Parental Controls and click View under Watching Activity.

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You will now see a list of everything you watched on Netflix. With the crossed out circle next to each title, you can remove that movie or series from your watch history. Netflix then forgets that you watched it before, and no longer shows it in the Continue Watching row.

Ban movies or series

What if you watched a movie or series somewhere else? You might get tired of Netflix constantly recommending something you’ve been watching on TV or cinema for a long time, or you’re sure you’ll never want to see. There is also a solution for that.

You can use parental control settings to block individual titles on your Netflix account. Useful if you don’t want your kids to watch anything, but also excellent for getting away with recommendations.

In your browser, go to Profile and Parental Controls again, but this time to View Restrictions. There you type in the name of the movie or series and click on the correct title as soon as it appears. This way, this address will be added to your address restrictions list and won’t bother you anymore.

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