Leonardo DiCaprio sees bread in Dutch meat | to do

Leonardo DiCaprio sees bread in Dutch meat |  to do

“Of course he’s not a cell biologist, but he can help us put cultured meat on the map,” said Tim van de Rijdt, chief business officer of Mosa Meat. “In addition to being a film actor, he is a passionate environmental activist who knows how to reach the right people.”

In 2013, scientists Mark Post and Peter Verstreet, founders of Mosa Meat, introduced the first cultured meat burgers made from cells from a cow. DiCaprio is also investing in Israeli meat producer Alf Farms, which was the first to unveil steaks (2018) and Rib Eye (2021).

Transforming the food system

“One of the most impactful ways to combat the climate crisis is to change our diet,” DiCaprio said in a statement. “Musa Meat and Alf Farms offer new ways to meet global demand for beef while solving some of the most pressing problems in industrial beef production today.” Mosa Meat CEO Martin Bosch is pleased to have DiCaprio as an advisor and investor. “We look forward to working with him to sustainably feed current and future generations.”

A banana meatball grown from animal cells

A banana meatball grown from animal cells

production costs

Since the end of 2020, Singapore has been allowed to sell farmed meat. It’s about chicken meat from bioreactors produced by American Eat Just. Mosa Meat is still preparing for the European approval procedure. At the same time, farmed meat producers are significantly increasing production. This is necessary to reduce the currently high production costs of each piece of cultured meat.

DiCaprio’s investment is part of Mosa Meat’s third investment round starting February 2021, which involved several parties, including Jitse Groen, CEO of meal delivery company Just Eat Takeaway and producer of Nutreco fish and animal feed. In total, Mosa Meat raised $85 million in three investment rounds.

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