L1 Crisis: Stop Working Again | 1 Limburg

L1 Crisis: Stop Working Again |  1 Limburg

L1 employees will be offline from 12:30 to 13:30 on Thursdays for the second day in a row. The employees study follow-up procedures. The consultations between the Works Council and the Supervisory Board of L1 on Wednesday evening did not yield any tangible results to solve the administrative crisis.

L1 employees no longer trust director Peter Elbers, who was hired in September. Due to his authoritarian leadership style and lack of communication, many employees get sick at home, including two of MT’s three members. The staff wants a final break-in solution with the director before the Carnival (Feb.15).

The oversight board shook
A large number of written questions from the staff were submitted to the supervisory managers (Raoul Wilms from the APG, Hans Coppus from the OML and CDA Member of Parliament Myriam Dibundt). “The cries of help from the workplace don’t seem to impress the supervisory board. We’re not even intrinsically curious about what’s going on. What needs to be done on the ground to wake them up,” says the vice president of the operating room, Rudi Epping.

Hidden cameras in the workplace
A controversy surfaced this week over Elbers’ privacy proposal. The director proposes new privacy regulations that stipulate, among other things, that hidden cameras can be installed in the newsroom. It also wants an arrangement by which the manager can view confidential emails from journalists, business council members, and the company’s doctor.

The editor-in-chief of L1 strongly opposes these proposals. The editor-in-chief said, “We were astonished by the documents that threaten press freedom and the protection of journalistic sources.” The NVJ trade union is also dissatisfied with Elbers’ proposed censorship regulations.

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