Kmart offers a reservation system in Melbourne, when restrictions are lifted

Kmart offers a reservation system in Melbourne, when restrictions are lifted

If there’s one thing Melbourne can’t wait to do other than drinking beer when restrictions are lifted – it’s shopping at Kmart.

The memes dominated social media showing just how excited the shoppers were the moment they finally caught all the Kmart elements they had waited for three long months.

One woman tweeted: “I thought I was addicted to Kmart but it looks like people are planning to go to Melbourne Kmart’s stores when they open at 11.59 tonight.”

Another said: “To everyone in Melbourne who is happy that they finally get to Kmart – I hope you find the random home decor of your dreams.”

“Melbourne is out of lockdown and judging which direction we want to get beer and go to Kmart. A third person said,” We are simple people, “while a fourth person simply added,” F ** k yeah Melbourne, you can go to Kmart. “

But Kmart confirmed a change in its shopping experience since the restrictions were lifted, along with new measures to “ensure that the shopping experience is as smooth and safe as possible”.

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Reservation system

You have introduced a reservation system via the Social Q.

A Kmart spokesperson told “We understand that a customer’s time is valuable, so customers can simply get rid of the waiting lists by reserving an online store.”

“The customer simply goes online, picks the particular store and preferred time and tells us how many visitors to shop.

“Confirm the reservation and you are ready to go. When the store is not full, customers can enter directly.”

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Customers will notice timelines every 20 minutes to allow shoppers to get to the store within this time frame.

Although it is not necessary to book in advance to enter the store, without reservation can mean actually waiting for a very long time for a slot to become vacant due to capacity restrictions in stores.

To help make the process faster, Kmart has also offered shoppers to reserve a spot in a queue for records from anywhere at any time, either at home prior to their visit, or while they are at their Kmart store.

Kmart’s large-scale stores in Burwood, Campbellfield, Fountain Gate, Belmont and Werribee will reopen from midnight tonight after Victoria eases restrictions.

The rest will open at 8 AM on Wednesday.

As customers are expected to flood the store, a spokesperson told that a number of measures are in place “to ensure that the shopping experience is as smooth and safe as possible for our customers”.

This includes more than 72 new secure COVID processes, reservation times for busy stores and extended trading hours “so customers can shop at quieter times.”

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“It’s been just a few months for all Melbourne residents, and with Christmas approaching, we look forward to welcoming customers again to our stores from Wednesday morning,” said Ian Bailey, managing director of the Kmart Group.

A COVID Safety Officer will be present in every store during busy times to help ensure they work safely with established hygiene measures and practice physical distancing.

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