KLM Pilots Take to Court Over Vaccination Obligation Through the Malian Backdoor

KLM Pilots Take to Court Over Vaccination Obligation Through the Malian Backdoor

VNV and the Cabin Federation VNC previously reported that forward pilots and flight attendants are asked about their vaccination status. VNV believes that KLM now comes with a commitment through the back door. “Overall, we support the government’s position that the government’s commitment to vaccination is unacceptable,” a government spokesperson said. “KLM assured us this as well. Since there are enough pilots everywhere, there is no operational basis for KLM to claim this.” The SGP has already asked parliamentary questions on this issue.


KLM still has to deal with many countries’ travel restrictions. Some cabin crew were not vaccinated. So far, it has been estimated that the vaccination rate among pilots has been around 90% and between 60% and 70% among cabin crew.

KLM faces operational challenges and stresses in the workplace as a result of the vaccination obligation. But in CLAs, the KLM has agreed that there will be no compulsory vaccination, which is why VNV believes that the current employment policy amounts to a vaccination obligation and believes this goes against the CLA.

KLM employees who have not been vaccinated must register in a system for destinations where they cannot be deployed, without giving reasons. The concerned person will no longer be scheduled for the relevant destination. For KLM, this presents a major logistical challenge, as well as tension on the work floor. Vaccinated fellows have to step in for the unvaccinated, compressing timelines, as it turned out recently.

VNV takes the issue seriously, because pilots must also indicate that they will also comply with potential future entry obligations. According to VNV, the recruitment process stops immediately if the applicant answers negatively. The union states that the agreements have been “broken”.

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