Kevin Spacey in court today: What is the accused? † Currently

Kevin Spacey in court today: What is the accused?  † Currently

Kevin Spacey will appear in a British court today to answer four charges of sexual misconduct against three men. What exactly is the accused actor?

The United Kingdom is prosecuting Spacey for assaulting two men. In addition to, The 62-year-old actor A man accuses him of “inciting” unauthorized penetration. There are a total of four fees. The first two charges come from the same man, who claims to have been a victim of Spacey in London in 2005. The third stemmed from an event in 2008 and the fourth an alleged sexual assault that occurred in Gloucestershire in 2013.

In 2017, then-underage actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual misconduct. Will Spacey Di Star Trek: Discovery-The actor is on the bed and climbs on top of it. Raab says the abuse left him willing to act and incurring significant medical expenses to recover from his trauma. In 2020, Rappe also decided to report the alleged assault. according to CNN Spacey is expected to appear in court in New York in October.

The accusation leads Spacey to admit that he is attracted to men. Shortly thereafter, he was accused of sexual harassment and assault by other men. Several cases were settled and dismissed, such as that of a masseur who has since died. But the investigation, which will be heard by a judge in London on Thursday, is still ongoing.

Some of the incidents for which Spacey is being sued are said to have occurred in the area of ​​London where the Old Vic Theatre is located. Spacey was the head coach there at the time. Many men who worked with the actor in the theater also accused him of inappropriate behavior. A 2017 independent study commissioned by theater found that these allegations ranged from behavior that made people feel uncomfortable to “sexually inappropriate” touching. Some of the 20 men who told their story in the investigation went to the police.

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All the accusations make the actor have to leave the popular series house of paperin which he plays President Frank Underwood. Spacey has to pay the main producer of the Netflix series, Media Rights Capital (MRC), approximately $31 million (€27.5 million). He had committed a breach of communication with his behavior.

Not only this: Recordings All the money in the world It’s about to end, but the decision makers have decided to replace all of the scenes in which Spacey can be seen. Christopher Plummer takes on the role and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Over the past year, Spacey has been working on his return to the silver screen. He plays in the cinema, for example Peter Five Eight L’uomo che disegn Dio And the West Gatewhich is supposed to be released this year.

Spacey is convinced he can prove his innocence. The representative had already stated at the end of May that he intended to come to the UK to deal with the cases.

The fact that Spacey is filing for the lawsuit does not automatically mean that the actor must remain in the UK for months or even years. A judge can give him permission to return to the United States during the case, provided he promises to return if the judge requests it. Spacey has always denied all allegations.

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