Sebastian Vettel looks to Montreal after a two-year absence: ‘It’s worth the wait’

Vettel heeft zin in Montreal na twee jaar afwezigheid: "Het is het wachten waard"

The Formula 1 Circus returns to Montreal after a two-year absence. Sebastian Vettel was the first to cross the line during the last edition of the Canadian Grand Prix, but saw the win go to Lewis Hamilton due to a penalty.

This year Vettel will undoubtedly get his hands on P2 on Sunday. The truth is that Aston Martin will have to fight for points this season. The race in Baku was also successful for Vettel. The four-time world champion finished sixth and this is his best performance of the year so far. His teammate Lance Stroll has pulled out of Azerbaijan and will want revenge in Montreal in front of the fans who have returned home.

Another challenge after two years

In the Aston Martin press release He tells Vettel about returning to Montreal. “It’s always good to be back on the track after a few years of absence, because it’s an extra challenge to find a good rhythm on the track. It’s worth the wait,” he says. The season got off to a rough start for the former Ferrari driver. He had to skip the first two races of the year and pulled out during his first Grand Prix, in Australia. However, the road was found from the Grand Prix of Spain. The German managed to finish 11th in Barcelona, ​​in Monaco he took 10th and finally finished 6th in Baku.


Silverstone caused quite a stir in Spain. For example, the racing stable came with a substantial update package in which the appearance of the car was also significantly changed. The car was jokingly called the Red Bull Green, due to its great resemblance to the RB18. The FIA ​​looked into the process but found no evidence that the team had copied ideas from Red Bull Racing. For now, the configuration seems to understand the car better and better and that pays off in points and given the gap the stable had at the start of the year, that could be considered good.

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