Schiphol will permanently cancel dozens of flights per day this summer

Schiphol will permanently cancel dozens of flights per day this summer

According to the newspaper, Schiphol has asked for space to cancel up to 30 percent of flights, but it will ultimately be less risky. However, it does mean that many passengers must be rebooked or their flight moved to a regional airport.

A source familiar with the matter told the newspaper, “The airlines already have contact teams ready that they have to rebook or cancel passengers in the coming days. It’s a drama.”

Large crowds and a lack of staff have been causing problems in Schiphol for weeks. There are special problems when checking handbags. For this reason, Schiphol will likely cancel passenger flights.

Passengers have often queued up lately, which has led to great frustration. Like the end of April, after a violent strike by land workers.

Package journey more difficult

It is not yet known which flights and what types of flights will be cancelled. It’s easier to book a passenger with just a plane ticket than someone with an all-inclusive vacation. Then there is often also a hotel reservation and rental car attached.

Schiphol has already said several times that flights should depart this summer to keep crowds under control. The travel world didn’t want to hear that.

“Deletion is outrageous”

The airline, the International Air Transport Association, said earlier that it was disgraceful for Schiphol to ask airlines to cancel flights due to expected crowds.

The trade association said it understood that Schiphol was understaffed, but confirmed that the companies were paying airport fees to Schiphol for a reason.

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