Kevin Bacon is chasing blues music on Instagram with his guitar and goat

Kevin Bacon is chasing blues music on Instagram with his guitar and goat

A new thriller is coming next week in the US h/them From. With 64-year-old Kevin Bacon running camp. When Kevin is free, he can be found on his plot of land. Usually with a guitar in his hands or listening to music. He regularly shares some of his private life on Instagram.

Kevin Bacon, for example, gave good advice about his profile last Monday. He posted a video in casual clothes, in which he listens to music and tells how he lived it. Even an experienced actor has fewer good days. And he is honest about it.

Kevin takes you with the songs in a relaxed way. Sometimes wondering what the actual text of a particular piece is. Sometimes he wonders if he has certain qualities himself.

Kevin Bacon posts on his Instagram:
“Does the blues bother you on Mondays? I don’t know about you, but music always helps me. I keep scrolling until that annoying feeling goes away. Today I’m playing the 1979 song from Smashing Pumpkins, Eddie Cochran’s ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ and ’21 Things I want in a lover’. “For Alanis. Hope you like it. Play these songs too. The rest of my choice can be found in my link.”

You can find his Instagram post below.

I reported in a previous post:
“It’s a beautiful song, Harry Styles. But I have some advice for jewelry.”

The video explains his post. In it you see Kevin Bacon baking popcorn for a song Goat with a Goat — yeah, really.

dry says:
“You must be thinking: What is he doing now? This is a goat song, isn’t it? But it’s ‘walk ‘n’ roll time. Or are some lame dad jokes made?”

Then he sliced ​​a string of popcorn for himself. Then he plays a song on his guitar – next to a goat. When he asks what goats think of his chain, the goats enjoy gnawing at the chain.

“I knew,” Kevin says with satisfaction.

happy feeling
Kevin shares more of his private life on Instagram. Videos and photos give you a happy feeling and maybe the blues haunt you. And that’s exactly what Kevin wants.

You can find his previous Instagram post below.

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