Keeping up with Ricciardos? Hulu has teamed up with Ricciardo on a screenplay series

Keeping up with Ricciardos?  Hulu has teamed up with Ricciardo on a screenplay series

In addition to Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo has also made the transition to Hollywood. The Australian McLaren driver will do that The Hollywood Reporter Namely, to become an executive producer on a script series on the Hulu streaming platform.

It is not yet clear if there is still a leading role for Ricciardo himself, because there are still few details about the script series. There’s a good reason for that: streaming platform Hulu is still searching for a book for the series and developing it at an “early stage”.

However, this scenario series will last about half an hour and take place in the world of Formula 1. According to The Hollywood Reporter In any case, Ricardo will be the executive producer of this series. Bad news for Eredivisie fans Honey badger is that Hulu is only available in the US and Japan.

Last year, some drivers joked about a possible series for Ricciardo, who was Mercedes’ George Russell at the time.Keep up with Ricciardos‘I’ll call. The Australian himself already knew for sure that one day he would do something with television. Whether it was on its own or not, I don’t know. There are not many real personalities in this sport, but I am a real person,” the driver joked.

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The news comes shortly after it was announced that Lewis Hamilton will also be involved in the Hollywood project. The seven-time world champion is teaming up with Apple on a Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt. Hamilton will co-produce a movie about a star driver who comes back from retirement to take on the sport’s titans alongside a rookie.

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That movie must then be shown on Apple TV+, although there have been stories of the production team wanting to show the movie in theaters first. This will be a period of approximately thirty to sixty days. It is not yet known when the film will start production.

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