Kanye Boss, this is as baffling as it is funny and a little scary

Kanye Boss, this is as baffling as it is funny and a little scary

Kanye West – famous rapper, fashion designer, paranoid artist and entrepreneur, member of the famous Kardashian family – sometimes wants to send strange tweets. Like, “Have you ever thought that you were in love with someone, only to realize that you’ve been staring your mind for twenty minutes?” (February 10, 2014) or: “Bill Cosby Is Innocent!” (February 9, 2016, in capital letters with ten exclamation points). This was just a few days before Mark Zuckerberg asked for money without punctuation, “Mark Zuckerberg has invested a billion dollars in Kanye West’s ideas.”

Last weekend, he found another eye-catching jewel. In it, he mutters something about promises, God, and the future, declaring: ‘I am running for election as President of the United States! # 2020 vision.

sorry .. what?

The tweet was as confusing as it was funny and somewhat terrifying. Yeezy, this could also be 2020 too. Pictures of schoolchildren singing with their hands on their hearts and eyes on the American flag were posted on Twitter, “She made that bitch famous,” the lyrics to Kanye’s famous song about his opponent Taylor Swift. Twitter users photographed Mount Rushmore with four faces of Kanye.

Kim Kardashian apparently decided this was Kanye’s special project

People asked: How would he do that? And for which party? Wasn’t he a supporter of Trump? We remember his controversial visit to the White House two years ago. He wore a MAGA hat and looked even crazier than the current boss himself. Is this a strategic move to keep votes away from Trump’s rival Biden? Some of these questions were directed by Reuters at your publicist, but they were not ignored.

Maybe they should have asked Kim Kardashian, the potential first lady. Despite the clip now posted on Twitter of her bump and scratch attacks on her sister Kourtney – footage from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality series that has made her and her family famous – she is generally a more stable and organized public figure than her husband.

Her social media cheat round doesn’t exactly give off the serious pre-campaign picture. She may have retweeted Kanye’s ad, and the only comment was a little American flag, but she still retweeted a message from Obama, paying more attention to her sister’s makeup line and old selfies she’s restored. “Who remembers the time you burned in Mexico?” More of the same on Instagram and absolutely nothing about # vision2020. As if she had decided that this should be Kanye’s own project.

And when you think that Kanye is in the family that has been generating billions of dollars in business, he’s married to a woman who once tried to “ break the internet ” with a picture of her bare buttocks (and still manages a little too), then you think: Maybe this ad is apparently . Attractive shiny jewel. Let’s hope so.

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