Justice must release the “illegal” Moroccans immediately | The interior

Justice must release the "illegal" Moroccans immediately |  The interior

Three Moroccan foreigners held in a detention center for rejected asylum seekers should be released immediately. According to the State Council, the chance of them being deported to Morocco in the short term is very slim. According to the council, this ruling could have consequences for more “illegal immigrants” of Moroccans detained in the Netherlands.

Minister of State Brokers Knoll for Asylum of the Ministry of Justice and Security has detained the three Moroccans pending deportation to Morocco. The men appealed this decision and today the Council of State has proven their right. According to the council, no one has been deported to Morocco throughout 2020 and the question is when it can be done again. “The possibility of deportation within a reasonable period of time is a condition for the detention of a foreign citizen who has no right to stay in the Netherlands.”

The Netherlands and Morocco have been at odds for years when it comes to the return of rejected asylum seekers. Moroccans who apply for asylum in the Netherlands have hardly any chance of obtaining a residence permit. Morocco is a safe country. A group of these Moroccan foreign nationals is causing a hassle in and around the asylum seekers’ centers in which they reside. They terrorize other residents and get caught with petty crimes like stealing stores and bicycles. The ministry has, among other things, created a separate “aso-azc” and is also trying to deport Moroccans as quickly as possible after a swift proceeding.


However, the Moroccan authorities hardly cooperate with al-Awda. Often foreigners do not have (valid) documents to return and therefore need a laissez-passer from Moroccan authorities. Successive state ministers for asylum have called on Morocco for more cooperation. This has not yet worked.

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The rulings stated that the Moroccan authorities did not issue a single pass in 2020. In 2020, no one was deported to Morocco who cooperated with the deportation. It is unclear when in 2019 a foreign national was last deported with a pass to Morocco. The State Council said the foreign minister could not determine whether or when this situation would improve. ”

He also wrote that this is the reason why the arrest of the Moroccans who lodged the appeal today should be lifted. “These statements are also important for other Moroccan foreign citizens detained and as the foreign minister relies on issuing a pass from Morocco to deport them.”

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