Josh Groban sings to Joe Biden’s dog shelter flagship –

Josh Groban sings to Joe Biden's dog shelter flagship -

For Josh Groban, the dream came true when he was allowed to sing live in Major Biden’s “Indoguration”, the shelter dog for the incoming United States president, Joe Biden. The singer was informed via social media that the Delaware Humane Association, the organization in which Biden adopted the animal, was organizing an online “opener” for Major, as he is the first shelter dog to live in the White House.

Thousands of dog lovers participated in the event, and the proceeds will go to the organization. They want to use the money to stress the importance of animal adoption. Groban, himself a huge fan of dogs, did not hesitate for a second and contacted the input. And the singer announced on social media that he was “very happy.”

“Yes! We did it. Even though the world is in disarray at the moment, we can still agree that dogs pass us through it all. I am honored to have a song for Major, our first rescue dog.” Groban said.

Biden has two German Shepherds, the Champion and the Major. Champ joined them in 2008 through a breeder, whose husband was criticized at the time. Many animal lovers wondered why they hadn’t adopted a shelter dog. They did so in 2018, when they took Major to their home as a neglected puppy to accustom him to a natural environment. Eight months later, the four-legged friend was so entrenched in their lives that they decided to adopt him.

With the return of the dogs Champ, Major, and Cat Winston, the American presidential tradition has been restored. Donald Trump was the first president in 120 years to not have pets. The president has said in previous interviews that he “has no time for animals”.

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