Joost (22) has a nice group of Saab friends thanks to his car | On the road

Joost (22) has a nice group of Saab friends thanks to his car |  On the road

What is with you

Joost Bakker (22), seller of miniature trucks and cranes

to me

Saab 900 Classic

construction year


estimated value

7500 EUR


Four in line, 1985 cm3, 126 hp, now 162 hp


“I’m going to put Super Aero tires on it and the power will be 252 hp.”

“My brother is in Saab. The day I received my driver’s license, he was at the door with Saab. When we got back, my dad asked if driving was better than my training car. Well, not better, but more fun! Then it turns out they took that car for me. It turns out that all of my comments to my brother about the “Old Men’s Brand” were wrong…

I bought a nice beige leather interior, a different steering wheel, and put these wheels on it. The engine is built with many new parts. It originally had 126 bhp, but is now 162 hp thanks to the sports air filter and a 3-inch exhaust with a single muffler. Next year I’ll be serious about tuning.

I did not know anyone in the world and immediately decided to organize a five-door meeting. Everyone had a great day and you made friends! At the car wash where I was working, I met another enthusiast. On one of the forums I received a message from a resident of The Hague: If you are in the region, you should come. These guys are all now in my Saab friends group.

We lead a tour and then we prepare the barbecue somewhere. But I also went to an event in Sweden with an enthusiast from Israel. Getting to know people and visiting events: Isn’t that so much fun thanks to your car? “

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