John Wick Prequel Series Release Date Revealed

John Wick Prequel Series Release Date Revealed

John Wick’s violent action isn’t over, with the fourth movie approaching, there seems to be no stopping this movie series. Now the story gets an extension in the form of an ancestor. The Continental series will take place at a hotel of the same name. The hotel is a kind of safe haven for criminals and murderers.

The Continental Hotel will focus primarily on how the hotel will look and who owns it. Set in 1975 New York City, the series follows a younger version of Winston Scott played by Colin Woodell. Winston Scott wants to take control of the hotel and this chain shows how he managed it. Other John Wick characters will also appear, Ayomide Adegun as the younger Charon, the hotel janitor, and Peter Greene as a younger version of Charlie, the criminal cleaning expert from John Wick 1 and 2.

Mel Gibson also got a role in the series as Cormac, a brand new character. There has already been an uproar about Mel Gibson for making homophobic, sexist and racist statements in the past.

John Wick Brickell is not about John Wick

Thus, the series will not be concerned with John Wick himself, but rather with the past of the world in which the John Wick films are set. Continental will launch simultaneously with John Wick 4, on March 24, 2023.

We don’t yet know exactly where The Continental will be broadcast in the Netherlands. Most likely, the series will be on SkyShowtime, a streaming service that should launch in the Netherlands later this year. SkyShowtime will broadcast movies and series from Peacock, the streaming service that will broadcast The Continental in the United States.

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