Joe Biden has a “secret girlfriend.”

Cardi B heeft een vriend Joe Biden

Rapper and model Cardi B. She considers the new president of the United States her friend. The rapper and model with millions of fans around the world revealed this in a guest lesson she gave to a class of girls and boys.

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Cardi B., who has nearly 82 million followers, posted the video on her Instagram. She taught the class “History”. An important part of that involved American presidents.

New president

I asked the class, “Do you know our boss?”

A girl managed to tell Cardi B. The new president is named Joe Biden. Cardi B joked, “He’s one of my friends too. He’s the boss, that’s why he’s my friend.

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Popular in Hollywood

The 78-year-old, who has spent the past week and a half working hard to undo a number of measures taken by his predecessor Donald Trump, is popular with Hollywood stars and the show business.

Besides, the president is loyal to his wife, Jill Biden, who is already more active than the former first lady, Melania. For example, she brought gifts to militiamen who made sure the inauguration was safe, and she is actively involved in reuniting the children of immigrants who were separated from their parents by the former regime.

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