Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory reveals he has COVID-19, and imagines how Sheldon will react to the pandemic

Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory reveals he has COVID-19, and imagines how Sheldon will react to the pandemic

The Big Bang Theory Superstar Jim Parsons reveals that he has been infected with COVID-19. The actor revealed that he and wife Todd Spewak contracted the disease early in the pandemic during their recent appearances on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Parsons explained that it wasn’t something he had really talked about before, but he initially thought he had a cold before some of the unique symptoms of COVID-19, such as a complete loss of taste and smell, appeared. .

Parsons said, “Yeah, we got it. Tom and I got it early, it was like mid-March.” “We didn’t know what it was. We thought we had a cold. After that, it seemed less likely, then we finally lost our sense of smell and taste. Completely, and that defies the descriptions. For me I didn’t realize how the taste and smell could completely disappear. And when you’re in stone Healthy and there is nothing to do but eat. Oh my God, that was brutal. “

Parsons has since recovered from the illness and tells Fallon that he tried a number of creative outlets while in quarantine – but nothing really compares to acting.

He said, “I tried other creative outlets because acting, obviously, wasn’t happening, and I took a drawing class for a while,” “I took a creative writing class for a while, and it all faded, and I don’t know if the truth was, well, you are Just an actor and this is what you do and that is what you should do or if I just do not have the ability to see through sticking to anything.

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Parsons is best known for playing Sheldon Cooper on CBS The Big Bang Theory. The series ended after its twelfth season last year, and since the outbreak of the pandemic, many fans have wondered how Sheldon, known as germphobia, will deal with the epidemic. As for Parsons, he thinks Sheldon will handle it just fine because it’s something he’s been preparing for forever.

“It was purpose-built,” Parsons said. “This is the moment he’s been waiting for. I used to say earlier, that he, we have a whole episode that I didn’t think of until recently where he would have liked Shellbot where he had like a video screen on a remote control wheelie control. And that was when people were They still need to get together in groups and so he would send that over and sit in his room. Don’t touch me and don’t sneeze on me. So, I think you’d be fine.

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