Jedward mocks Noel Gallagher for “ignorant” anti-mask comments with Wonderwall remix

Jedward mocks Noel Gallagher for "ignorant" anti-mask comments with Wonderwall remix

Noel Gallagher infuriated Gidward with his controversial comments about wearing masks.

The former Oasis star discussed the use of masks – which are widely used to help prevent the spread of coronavirus – in a recent podcast look.

Talking on Matt Morgan PodcastGallagher said, “I don’t wear a muzzle, no. It’s all *******.”

“You’re supposed to wear it at Selfridges but you can go down to the bar and be surrounded by everything.” Well, actually, we don’t have the virus in bars, but we have at Selfridges. “Oh well.”

In England, new regulations yesterday (September 14) introduced a limit to the number of people who can gather to a maximum of six, after the number of coronavirus cases increased.

In certain circumstances, such as while on public transportation or while inside shops or malls, wearing masks is mandatory.

You can find details of the current rules here.

Gallagher, 53, also claimed that there are “a lot of freedoms” that are “robbed of us.”

He said, “You were in the shops today, do you have a mask?” “no I did not.” – You have to wear a mask. ‘who talked?’ “The director says.” “Well, who is the manager?”

“I don’t give a f ***, I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus, it will be on me. Not on anyone else. If everyone wears a mask, I won’t catch them. And if I get it, they won’t catch it. I think it’s a piss thing.” … ”

It is also possible to be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, which means you can pass the infection on to others without knowing you have it.

On social media, Gallagher’s comments were criticized by many, and some commentators described the musician’s comments as “ignorant” and “selfish”.

Among them was Gidward, who rewrote the classic Oasis song, “Wonderwall,” to make fun of Gallagher.

They tweeted: “Today will be the day NoelGallagher that we will bring back to you / Awesome now you must have somehow realized what you have to do / wear a mask because we will be the ones who provide you / After all we are your Wonderwall. I love Giddward and LiamGallagher.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Break: Noelle Gallagher doesn’t understand how viruses work.”

Another wrote: “Nobody gives f *** if I catch the virus, NoelGallagher.” “It’s about spreading it like some Reaper if you get it.”

Jedward recently called Ian Brown from The Stone Roses for the same reason.

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