Jan van Dillen starts at TSG Netherlands

Jan van Dillen starts at TSG Netherlands

TSG Netherlands has recruited Jan van Dillen (left) as of December 1 to form activities within TSG Wash. The former EenzetCarwash Sales and Marketing Director will focus, among others, on tipping operations, self-washing bins, Kärcher vacuum cleaners, and the various payment solutions that fall under TSG’s Charlie’s platform.

Van Dillen is a well-known face in the Dutch car wash world. He has worked for EenzetCarwash for over 14 years. The parties confirm that the transition to TSG is in agreement with the current employer. There is already cooperation between companies in the field of payment equipment.

The concept of fuel washing

Carwash uses Tokheim propulsion equipment for the fuel wash concept. Additionally, they offer Charlie Pay solutions for their moving fees and their laundry boxes. TSG will also consider EenzetCarwash’s product portfolio to expand the portfolio.

Van Dillen is keen to boost the growth of TSG in the car wash world now. “I’m switching from Red Bull to McLaren. They are currently underperforming, but they’ll also win soon!

TSG stands for Technical Service Group. This international group, of which the current organization has been a part for some time, is active in 28 countries and is the employer of more than 3,000 employees. One of TSG’s activities is to provide comprehensive car wash solutions.

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