We were subjected to a penetration deeper than we thought!

We were subjected to a penetration deeper than we thought!

Microsoft, the technology giant, said, Thursday, that Russian government hackers, who are involved in a sweeping attack targeting government networks and the American private sector, have penetrated Microsoft’s systems deeper than previously known, enabling them to gain access to potentially valuable code and information. .

The company previously admitted that it had inadvertently downloaded a patch file used by Russian spies. However, Microsoft did not specify what kind of information was accessed.

The company said the hacker had breached the account of an employee who had seen the codes and some information, according to the company statement. “Microsoft” revealed two weeks ago that it had discovered malware in its system, referring to the correction of a program from the “SolarWinds” company that the Russians manipulated to reach the targets. US government officials have said that simply downloading a software update is not a hack, but there is no doubt that accessing the code is dangerous.

The most recent of these statements places Microsoft, one of the largest cloud and software companies in the world, on the list of victims of one of the most popular cyber espionage campaigns in recent years.

With the Fortune 500 company, it now joins no fewer than five major US government agencies: the Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security, National Institutes of Health and Government Systems, as well as FireEye, a leading cybersecurity company on the list. Victims of the Russian attacks.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has publicly accused the Russians of carrying out the hacks and President Donald Trump, who has consistently accepted Moscow’s denial of malicious cyber activity directed against the United States, has sought to deflect the blame from Russia, indicating that China may be the culprit.

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