Footballers see that the difference with the United States is still big sport

Footballers see that the difference with the United States is still big  sport

The Dutch international women’s team players hope that the lead with the United States will have narrowed somewhat in a year and a half. However, they had to conclude on Friday after losing 2-0 in an exhibition match in Breda that that was really not the case. The result was similar to what happened during the World Cup Final they lost in the summer of 2019, and the picture of the match was largely the same.

“It was a completely different match in terms of pressure and atmosphere,” said striker Jill Rourd. “We played football every now and then, but we still produced very little. I think we were more on the ball than we were in the World Cup Final. I think this was a really good test game to see where we are. I think now we started preparing for the Olympics and now we have to We are growing again to look better by then when we face the United States. We still have some time left, but there is still something to be done. “

Bright spots, highlights, hot spots

Midfielder Jackie Gronen saw some bright spots. “If we were at the ball, we showed some football, I think. If we could open the game from side to side, it would be a lot of space. She said“ It should just be faster. ”Is the gap with America narrowing? In the answer to that now. I think we should take a closer look at what has not gone right yet. Then we can work on that. “

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Left back Meryl Van Dongen said: “We already possessed more ball and have continued physically for longer than the World Cup Final.” “I think we are a championship team. This is not the time for revenge yet, the games will come. I certainly haven’t given up on this hope.”

Arjan Ferenc, who replaced Sarina Wiegmann as national coach, found the show match beneficial despite the difference in strength. “We got a pretty good idea of ​​where we are now and what aspects we need to develop further in order to be able to conquer America.”

Daniel Van de Donck sustained an injury in the final stage of the Orange squad. Stephanie van der Graght had to leave Friday evening due to the injury. So, Breda Caitlin Dijkstra (21) was on the bench with Orange for the first time.

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