It’s Final: Harry and Meghan’s Divorce from the British Royal Family

It's Final: Harry and Meghan's Divorce from the British Royal Family

Sure enough, Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have turned their backs on the British royal family or the royal family. Whatever the case, it was announced Friday that the couple will not be able to return as members of the Royal House and that they will return all the titles and jobs they still have.

This means that Prince Harry no longer holds all kinds of honorary positions in the military and Meghan is no longer a patron of the National Theater in London. The couple wanted to perform their role differently than usual, but this is not permitted, as can be read between the lines in the mystical statements issued by both the couple and the royal family on Friday. The Queen said that the spouses would not “continue in the responsibilities and duties of living in the service of the people” and from Harry and Meghan came a text saying, “It is always possible to be in the service.”

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A year ago, Harry, the younger son of Crown Prince Charles and his ex-wife Diana, wanted a more fluid relationship with the royal family with his American wife Megan. They wanted to live partially in the United States and make their own money there. Until then, it proved impossible to reconcile their wish-list with that of a member of the British royal family.

At that time, it was agreed that the spouses would distance themselves from each other and not perform any royal duties, and it was now decided to turn the case into a final farewell and deprive them of their last two honorary positions.

Honorary positions can also be difficult to perform, as the couple lives in America, where they plan to support themselves. They succeed: Harry and Meghan made deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce documentaries and podcasts. In two weeks, on March 7, they’ll be interviewing Oprah Winfrey.

Harry is still a potential heir to the throne, although he ranks sixth in the ranking. Parliament could excuse him from this position, as it did in 1936 with Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne so that he could marry divorced Wallis Simpson. As far as is known, there are no plans currently in this direction.

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Presently, Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth, is the first heir to the throne. If his mother dies, he will become king and his wife, Queen Camilla. This is followed by Charles’ eldest son William, Duke of Cambridge. He and his wife Kate Middleton have three children: the number three, four, and five successors. Only then comes Harry, William’s brother and then his children again. These are Archie and the second unborn one. Less than a week ago it was announced that Megan is pregnant again.

The couple were not expelled from the family: In her statement, the Queen said that Harry and Meghan “will remain very much loved members of the family”.

The distance to the royal house is perhaps a godsend for the overly outspoken Megan. Over the past year, she has publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement and called on Americans to vote. Things like that don’t really belong to a British princess, but are more of a media persona. You might prefer the latter. The constant interest of the popular press was a thorn in its side.

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