It is possible to make an appointment via, and the problems are not over yet

It is possible to make an appointment via, and the problems are not over yet

The site where vacationers can order a free test is still experiencing problems. The goal is that people will soon be able to schedule a test appointment across several commercial providers. In a letter to the House of Representatives, Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) wrote that only one testing provider is linked to the site today. Other parties will follow in the coming days.

The number one provider is Coronasneltest Nederland with fourteen test sites, mainly in the west of the country. At the beginning of the evening, it was not possible to schedule a test. An appointment can now be made online.

The minister is calling on vacationers to wait a little longer before making an appointment if they will not be traveling in the coming days. Van Nieuwenhuizen also wrote to the House of Representatives that it was a “challenge” for commercial parties that would conduct the test to complete connectivity to systems, including the CoronaCheck app, on time. According to the minister, the communication is now taking place “step by step”.

Phone appointment

Due to problems, today it was not possible for people to schedule a test appointment via the specially prepared website, An appointment could be made over the phone at GGD, so it was “incredibly busy” there today.

As of 4pm, GGD has scheduled more than 55,000 test dates for travelers. It’s possible that not everyone will be able to go to the location of their choice, but there were enough testing places according to GGD. GGD can handle 35,000 travel tests each day, for a total of more than 2.1 million tests in the two months of vacation.

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How many commercial

It is still unclear how many test companies will be connected to the system. This can be done until July 14 for technical reasons. As a result, it is not yet clear what the test capacity will be. The ministry expects to conduct a maximum of 3.5 million tests this summer.

At first, the government didn’t want free travel tests, but there was a majority in the House of Representatives. That is why we only started preparing test lines this month, which should be ready tomorrow. Last Monday contracts were signed with commercial test providers.

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