‘It is not necessary to finance the banks’ | what do you say

'It is not necessary to finance the banks' |  what do you say

And most likely he “invested” it, mainly to avoid inflation. So do many high-income and wealthy people. But small savers do not know this path and cannot go down it, with a few exceptions. Taking money from the bank and hiding it under the mattress is not an option. So it swallows up inflation and keeps getting poorer. Or rather, that the banks pick them up, and later return the less valuable savings, but at the same time enrich themselves with this difference. DNB is still under the responsibility of the custodian of good money as a medium of exchange. This bank was supposed to come up with a proposal long ago to compensate the small saver for losing a large part of his savings due to high inflation and low interest on his savings account.

It seems possible to create a national savings bank, to which a small saver can transfer his money in order to have an annual compensation for inflation equal to the rate of inflation minus the interest received. The word says it all, this bank must be owned by the state, that is, our state, and then the government will receive a huge amount on this bank for drawing savings at no real cost, except for the proportional percentage. Small administrative costs. We need to take a closer look at the issue and act.

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