Islam fighter Geert Wilders wants to wrest basic rights from Muslims | Currently

Islam fighter Geert Wilders wants to wrest basic rights from Muslims |  Currently

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders wants to close mosques and Islamic schools and ban the Qur’an. Citizens with dual nationality may not vote and vote any longer. In doing so, hundreds of thousands of people are deprived of a number of important basic rights. Wilders has been marginalized politically because other parties say in advance that they do not want to rule with him because he tamperes with the foundations of the rule of law. Wilders calls this “undemocratic”. But experts say this is nonsense. was in contact with PVV about an interview with Wilders. Despite the round trip attempts, it was not possible to find a suitable date. So, an analysis of his main campaign promises.

Unlike previous election campaigns, Wilders appears a lot in the media these days. With his distinctive gray motto (he no longer uses the dye of blonde hair) he is positioning himself as the leader of the opposition and the man of the other voice opposing the “gray middle”.

Wilders wants billions to go to health care, cut rents, keep pensions and lots of money for education and security. How his party funds his plans remains unclear. The Freedom and Justice Party did not have its own party platform computed by the Central Planning Office.

The Freedom Party wants to recruit voters through a left-oriented socio-economic program, but the main theme since its inception fifteen years ago has been fighting “mass immigration,” “pluralism,” “self-hatred,” “the genealogies of diversity” and above all: Islamization. . From Holland.

Wilders hates Islam and expresses it loud and clear on his party platform: “It is an existential problem: the survival of a free Netherlands depends on our ability to repel Islam.”

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PVV wants to reduce Muslims to second-class citizens

With his proposals, Wilders, the leader and sole member of the Freedom Party, wants to turn Muslims into second-class citizens. He says that mosques and Islamic schools, like the Qur’an, should be banned. People with dual nationalities no longer have the right to vote and are no longer allowed to hold political office.

For example, it is very difficult for Dutch Moroccans to get rid of their passports, not his problem, says Wilders. Bee WNL Op Sunday He said, “They should solve this in Morocco with Moroccan law. I am not with Moroccan law.”

A new Ministry of Immigration, Immigration, Immigration and Islamization (IRD) to be established must implement the policy. Wilders said in an interview in it ad He wants Muslims to be able to practice their faith at home and that he does not intend to “take the Qur’ans out of the house.” He wants to “take Islam out of the public sphere.”

Wilders believes that Muslims’ feeling threatened by his plans is nonsense. He told her, “I never threaten anyone. I know what it’s like, and I receive dozens of threats every day. But it is my right and my duty to beware of a dangerous authoritarian ideology.” ad.

Poster of PVV among other parties on election board in The Hague. (Image: ANP)

Poster of PVV among other parties on election board in The Hague.  (Image: ANP)

Poster of PVV among other parties on election board in The Hague. (Image: ANP)

Photo: ANP

Wilders is putting himself outside the legal system.

He considers Wilders to see Islam as “the most violent political ideology” and not as a religion that is the important building block of his ideas. After all, if you follow his logic, closing mosques or Islamic schools does not contradict the constitution. But his interpretation is contested by almost all other political parties and by experts.

“This is totally uncommon,” says Leonard Besslink, professor of constitutional law at the University of Amsterdam. “Islam is one of the great religions in the book, which, like Judaism and Christianity, adopts the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the essence of human existence.”

According to Besselink, Wilders’ plans can only be implemented if articles are deleted or amended from the constitution, and if the Netherlands decides to end European human rights treaties and UN human rights treaties. Therefore, Wilders is laying out his plans “outside the legal system guaranteed by the Constitution”.

Law philosopher Bastian Ribekema of Leiden University agrees. He talks about the “fallacy” of Wilders. “It is the fallacy of denying the religious side of Islam.” He describes it as “disturbing” at the present time that there is a group of Dutch “prepared” through the years of Wilders rhetoric for the idea that there are groups of citizens “no longer deserving of protection under certain basic rights.”

at Norwegian Refugee Council Rijpkema wrote a review for PVV Party Program. He described the proposed closure of mosques and schools of Islam and the prohibition of the Qur’an as a series of “discriminatory and unconstitutional proposals.”

What Rijpkema finds incomprehensible is that the anti-law PVV program is not constantly discussed in discussions, interviews and talk shows. It’s too slow and a little relaxing for him. Rijpkema says in Norwegian Refugee Council.

Legally covered by the distinction between Muslims and Islam

Wilders makes a sharp distinction between Muslims and Islam in his argument. The leader of the Freedom Party is not against Muslims, but against Islam. According to professor of Islam in Leiden in West Moritz Berger, this is easy to explain. In the Netherlands, insulting Islam is permitted and not insulting of Muslims. For the latter, the leader of the Freedom Party was convicted in the case of “fewer Moroccans”.

“I think Wilders got very good legal advice,” says Berger. But what are the plans in practice? According to Berger, it is difficult to separate Muslims from Islam. “There is no Islam without Muslims. Wilders is fairly consistent in insulting Islam and of course this also affects Muslims, but it is covered by the law.”

Excluded from government participation

Because of his extremist views, Wilders has been marginalized in Dutch politics in recent years, and will remain so. From VVD member Mark Rutte to SP member Lilian Marijnissen: They have all declared that they do not want to rule with PVV because this party attacks the foundations of the rule of law.

Wilders describes this in turn as undemocratic. Gerrit Furman, director of the Documentation Center for Dutch Political Parties, thinks this is nonsense. “It is controversial to call religion a totalitarian ideology, and the resulting proposals have so great consequences for the rule of law that they cannot be negotiated by other parties. Do not cooperate.”

According to Furman, it provides clarity. If a party excludes Wilders from government participation, you, as a voter, know your position. Voerman: “You can always consider voting for PVV yourself.”

Voerman co-wrote the book in 2019, on the fifteenth anniversary of PVV Wilders Weight Wilders had been following him for years. What catches his eye is that the leader of the Freedom Party has been more active during the current campaign than he has been in recent years.

In 2017, the election program consisted of an A4 sheet and was hardly seen in interviews. Then he won another twenty seats. But 2019 was a disastrous year for the PVV: the party lost all seats in the European Parliament and fell from nine to five seats in the Senate. Forman: “It is clear that Wilders will learn lessons from the electoral disaster in 2019.”

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