ISLA SINALOA is a unique simulation and puzzle game in a tropical island tropical islands now available on STEAM – these are the games

ISLA SINALOA is a unique simulation and puzzle game in a tropical island tropical islands now available on STEAM - these are the games

ISLA SINALOA has a tropical island with lots of fun activities and mini games to enjoy. You can choose to go fishing in the river, put on a wetsuit and go snorkeling for the marine life, or if you prefer, you can swim and relax or take a walk on the beach and watch the sunset or the amazing fireworks that take place every night. It starts at 10 pm. No island would grow without a lot of work, and you play a vital role in making that happen.

You become a lumberjack who cuts different types of trees, a miner who finds gold and diamonds and an archaeologist who finds fossils, hieroglyphic blocks and ancient artifacts. You will become a zoologist, learning about insects and ocean life, and you will also become a botanist who masters the names of many beautiful flowers as you collect more than 500 items to fill the museum, zoo, and botanical gardens.

ISLA SINALOA is full of customization options: you can change your look with hundreds of possible outfits and body combinations, and you can decorate your home and island with hundreds of unique and exciting items. You can even design your own elements with the built-in pattern designer.

As your island grows, there’s plenty to experience: discover buried treasure in a Treasure Hunter activity, become a farmer in Farm Simulator, or run the pop-up restaurant in Nacho’s Food Truck.

Challenge yourself to navigate a maze that leads to underground pyramid temples or assemble beautiful jigsaw puzzles with Pamela Possum. Match the tiles as Barnyard Mahjong with Piao, and find the missing Gideon Gorilla items in Where’s My What? Or search for hidden words with Hudson Hippo in Word Search Cubes.

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You can also play Marble Solitaire to challenge your brain or test your memory by following the dance moves in Disco Dance Battle. These are just some of the more than 20 brain stimulating games, puzzle games and mentally stimulating activities that you will discover and enjoy to sharpen your mind.

ISLA SINALOA is more than just a puzzle and adventure game: it’s an experience of life as an islander in a community of more than 30 charming, and sometimes bizarre, animal characters who mingle with island visitors.

They celebrate your birthday by throwing a party and serving you fresh baked goods. Ten major international holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and Cinco de Mayo receive special treatment in the game, where buildings and homes are decorated according to the season.

English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are fully supported, French and German translations will be available soon! In all, you can enjoy more than 1,000 hours of content to play over 400 or more active gaming days. Optional in-app purchases and an optional annual pass are included with additional features.

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