Is the new Netflix series completely canceled after one season?

Is the new Netflix series completely canceled after one season?

Actress Sandra Oh is pretty sure the series won’t get a sequel…

Series the chair It saw the light of day in 2021. Fans of the series are looking forward to a sequel, but it may never come… At least that’s what actress Sandra Oh thinks.

The actress recorded the above in the so-called awards podcast circuit. This is a podcast from variety In which she wanted to start talking about the new season of kill eve

In the podcast, Oh delves into her experience with each of the hit series. She is also looking forward to the new season of kill eve Which will be shown this month in the United States. This new season also marks the end of the series. It is not yet known when these episodes will be shown in the Netherlands and Belgium.

There is no second season
Before the chair It appeared on the streaming service Netflix last summer. The series was immediately well received. She tells the story of Dr. Ji Eun Kim (performed by Oh). She is a professor at a prestigious university who became the first woman of color to head the English Department.

Ji Yeon Hee is a single mother who soon experiences first-hand how difficult it is to head a faculty that includes many distinguished professors and senior professors.

At the end of the podcast, Oh was asked if she thought the series would return for a second season. Then the actress let her get away with not being able to give a definitive answer. However, she does not doubt it.

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Oh, among other things, stated that she had not been contacted for a sequel at the time of writing. She says she would like to see a second season as herself.

Do you have the first season of the chair not seen yet? Of course, you can watch them all on the Netflix streaming service!

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