Is Chromecast with Google TV coming to the Netherlands too?

Is Chromecast with Google TV coming to the Netherlands too?

Google TV is the modified version of Android TV and can be found on the new Chromecast, among other things. Does this Chromecast with Google TV come to the Netherlands too? We have solved it.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a media player with Android TV that streams live TV, video and apps to your TV screen without a remote control. With this mini HDMI dongle, you can make any “dumb” TV smart. Many popular Android apps and games include Chromecast support. For example, you can cast to TV using NOS, Files by Google, Google Photos, or PocketCast. Since 2020, there is also a Chromecast with Google TV and this media player uses a modified version of Android TV: Google TV. In addition, this Chromecast comes with a remote control, and you can cast in 4K quality.

Chromecast Ultra

What is Google TV?

Google TV has a new interface and includes a For You section that shows personalized content. Google gives Google Assistant a place on the remote control, which makes the smart assistant even more important. You can search for your favorite series without opening specific apps for it. For example, you can search for “movies with Rami Malek” to get an overview of the movies he’s playing in. Click on one of the streaming services offered by the movie to watch the movie. Unfortunately, this functionality does not yet work correctly with Dutch applications.

Is Chromecast with Google TV coming to the Netherlands too?

What can you do with the Google TV app?

There is also a Google TV app, the Google Play Movies app. This app is already available in the US and makes it possible to control Android TV or Google TV with your phone as a remote control. You can then use the touchpad in the app, for example, to adjust the volume or activate the Google Assistant. You can also operate the TV using the app, without having to touch the remote control.

One advantage is that with your phone you can also type faster with the keyboard than with a TV remote control. In addition, there will be a panel in the quick settings with which you can open the virtual remote control even faster.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

With Google Play Movies or Google Play Movies in English, you can buy movies and watch them on your Android device, but also on your desktop or with Chromecast. ..

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When will Google TV come to the Netherlands?

Unfortunately, there are some missing functions and capabilities that you see in other countries. This is because Google has not yet officially announced this cast dongle in the Netherlands and Belgium, while it is already available in many Dutch web stores. TVs with Google TV are already sold in the Netherlands, and the Google TV Dutch help page is also available.

In addition, it appears that Google is striving to roll out the Google TV app worldwide. In the coming weeks, Belgians will be able to find the Google TV app on their phones and in the Play Store. There is a good chance that Google will officially announce the Google TV and possibly also the new Chromecast. There are also indications in the Netherlands that Google TV has arrived. Perhaps, the KPN provider has already revealed that the Dutch launch anyway is on schedule. The rumors were reinforced by Ziggo, which has been offering Chromecast with Google TV since Monday for customers to use with a second or third TV.

So all the components are there, but we have to wait for Google Netherlands. We asked the company to respond and they replied as follows: “We have nothing to announce at this time about Chromecast with Google TV in the Netherlands.” Now we often get this kind of response from the company, only to be able to welcome a Dutch launch a few weeks later. We’ll watch the official launch of Google TV (and the new Chromecast) in the Netherlands for you. Once you know more, you will of course read it here on Androidworld.

Is Chromecast with Google TV coming to the Netherlands too?
Ziggo brings Chromecast with Google TV
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