Irma Vep S01E01-02: A great game with story events

Irma Vep S01E01-02: A great game with story events

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In 1996, director Olivier Assayas made the feature film Irma Vibeabout an actress (Maggie Cheung) who is starred in the remake of the French classic Why vampires (1915). Cheung played a kind of fictional version of himself at the time. eight part Irma Vibe – which recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival – is another remake of this film. Take out Assayas again. Reproduction is about reproducing a movie. This time, actress Alicia Vikander (Tomb rider, 2018) as the main character. Her character – an American actress – is called Mira. This is “look” Spanish and it shouldn’t be a coincidence.

Irma Vibe Full of double bottoms. Nothing is what it seems. Sometimes while shooting the new movie, you can take a look behind the scenes; Sometimes you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the action as a spectator. Gradually, it appears that Mira – or Vikander, depending on how you see her – merges with her character, the “evil muse”. Why vampires Revolving around a secret society of vampires, Irma Vape is an anagram of vampires. It is interesting that the 1915 movie lasts about 7 hours, just like the TV series. Also notable is that the film is about an actress abroad, and for Vikander it must have been a similar experience.

Irma Vibe It was filmed in France, while Vikander usually works in England and the United States. Would she sometimes feel as lonely as her character? Was there a language barrier? In this sense, the TV series is also unambiguously about show business (Asayas is obsessed with this, see also Clouds Sils Maria, 2014) and how celebrities are sometimes inadvertently in some kind of isolation or bubble. Yet it is amazing how Assayas crafts one narrative layer after another, skillfully blending everything together. This creates a sultry and oppressive atmosphere.

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In a TV series about an actress who is involved in a classic movie remake because she wants something different. multi-interpretation Irma Vibe Infinitely interesting.

Irma Vep S01, weekly on HBO Max from June 7, 2022

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