iOS 15 gets improved notifications and helps focus

iOS 15 gets improved notifications and helps focus

Tonight Apple unveiled iOS 15, the major update to the iPhone operating system that will be released in the fall. The company did this during WWDC, its annual developer conference.

The notification screen is getting a major upgrade in iOS 15. Notifications are grouped into a summary, so you no longer have to scroll through a long list of messages. To do this, Apple is looking at your use of the app via artificial intelligence. According to Apple, notifications from people are always shown as notifications.

Focus on FaceTime

Focus is a new way to interact with your iPhone in different situations. For example, you can turn on focus on work or focus on sports. Each focus prioritizes different notifications and can even rearrange the home screen. This way you can automatically hide distractions like gaming at work, but put them on top at home.

FaceTime got many improvements with iOS 15, including the ability to invite people who don’t have an Apple device to make a call. They simply open the FaceTime link in the browser.

Minor improvements

iOS 15 also brings all kinds of small improvements. The messaging app is getting a new feature: Shared With You. This makes it easy to send articles, photos, music, and more to each other. The camera app gets live text, allowing you to select, copy, and paste text in the real world. This also works with saved images.

The Weather app has been redesigned to provide a better view of the weather forecast, including a full screen view of the weather. The Wallet app gets keys to unlock cars and doors. Identification cards may also be added to the app soon, but only in the US for now.

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New privacy features

Apple is also introducing new privacy features for its devices. The Apple Privacy Report is an overview of whether apps want to see your location or your contacts. In Mail, Apple ensures that your behavior can no longer be tracked. This way your IP address is protected and companies will no longer be able to see if you have opened their mail.

Siri’s virtual assistant will soon work completely offline, in order to ensure user privacy. iCloud+ is a new subscription from Apple that focuses on privacy. For example, it is possible to browse with more privacy via Safari. Even Apple can’t see what you’re doing.

Hide my email allows you to create email addresses when you sign up for a service. With iCloud +, it is also possible to connect an unlimited number of security cameras, without affecting your storage space. iCloud + costs nothing extra.

Siri on third-party devices

Siri will debut in third-party smart home devices later this year. It’s not yet clear which brands and devices will support Siri, but Apple promises the same privacy protections as it does on its own devices. The company showcased an Ecobee-branded smart thermostat with integrated Siri controls.

Siri can also release movies and series on Apple TV later this year. If you watch TV via Apple TV, audio can soon be sent to the Apple HomePod smart speakers in your home.

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