Influencers blasted for taking selfies on a crowded railroad

Influencers blasted for taking selfies on a crowded railroad

A group of seasoned influencers has been criticized for committing an “incredible” act on a major UK train line.

Pictures released by Network Rail in the UK show three young men trespassing and putting themselves in danger to get the perfect shot.

One photo shows a woman in a dress sitting between a pathway as she poses for a photo, while another woman in a black sweater and blue pants is seen strutting along the railroad.

The railway company posted the photos on its Twitter page on Thursday warning it of the dangers of misuse of level crossings.

“In today’s edition of” It Should Be Clear … “, they wrote, adding that while” sunsets, beautiful countryside and the beach “would be ideal venues for taking photos, the railroad was not.

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They wrote “unbelievable.” “Please – use level crossings safely.”

Describing the images as “horrific”, the railway company said it happened in South Wales, at the Trinus level junction near Lanharan, where trains travel on the busy line between Cardiff and Swansea at speeds of up to 136 km / h.

“It exhibits incredibly dangerous behavior, from people wandering along the paths to misusing level crossings by pausing to take ‘selfies’ or photos of others on a live railroad,” she wrote in a statement.

“Each accident could have either fatal or life-altering results.”

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The Network Rail post was flooded with comments from Twitter users describing the behavior as “stupid.”
“Fools of the highest rank ask to be named, blasphemous and fines !!!” One person wrote.

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“This is so ridiculous from these people! I think they’ve never seen the videos posted on the Internet showing what would happen if they did things like that, but don’t care and go and take pictures on a railroad! That’s naughty and a risk to life!” Added another person. .

“They’re really silly, if they’re stupid enough to take a picture on the rails, they probably wouldn’t check the schedule, train class and speed restrictions, if they’re lucky, that would be a slow, going down train, but imagine if it was a high speed line from 43rd degree !!! ”a third person wrote.

A worrying trend has seen the UK Transport Police record 221 incidents of overtaking and 67 incidents of abuse at crossing points so far this year.

“Although the actual number of occasions in which people risked their lives is believed to be much higher,” the statement reads.

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