Ina Garten says the “best time for leisure” is the “most relaxing” day of the week.

Ina Garten is a star on the Food Network who is best known for her cooking program, Barefoot Contessa. The 72-year-old celebrity chef has been preparing recipes at her home in East Hampton, New York, since 2002 when the program first aired.

Ina Garten speaking on stage at the New Yorker Festival 2019 | Brad Parkt / Getty Images for The New Yorker

Garten is the queen of easy-going entertainment. They make meals that are simple and full of flavor Barefoot Contessa The tastes are dazzling with its grilled chicken. Depending on her personal cooking style, Garten believes that the “best time to be entertained” is when people are relaxed and the food is not complicated.

Ina Garten loves to entertain on Sunday afternoons

Barefoot Contessa’s uncomfortable approach to entertainment is her trademark. That is why it is not surprising that her favorite time to greet people is on a Sunday afternoon.

During an interview with Epicurious Garten, she explained to her that people coming to lunch on Sunday is the “best time to be entertained” because everyone is resting before the start of a new week. There is no need for complicated meals or a lot of courses.

“Well, for me,” she said, “Sunday afternoon – Sunday lunch – is the best time to be entertained.” “Everyone has done all their housework, comfortable, and no one falls asleep or looks at their watch and says, ‘Can I go home and go to bed? “

Moreover, the food doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, Garten isn’t the one who cooks elaborate dishes even on the most formal occasions, but this weekend especially when the food isn’t required to be so extravagant.

Ina Garten on 'Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist'
Inna on the garden Sunday TODAY with Willie Guest | Mike Smith / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

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For Garten, hosting a Sunday afternoon lunch means “food is easy”.

She said, “You can make something really simple, like ricotta bruschetta with a salad, or just really easy things like a large pot of mussels with basil bread crumbs.” “And you don’t need a lot of courses, you don’t need a lot of cocktails. You just need a good glass of wine and something super delicious.”

As the famous chef says on her show, how easy is that?

Barefoot Contessa says entertainment is all about planning

It can seem impossible to watch Garten enjoy a stress-free experience while planning a dinner party or holiday feast outside the limits of her cooking program. But Barefoot Contessa has tips to make the hosting process less stressful, which leads to its ultimate goal: for the host to have fun.

When asked how to ensure she can relax and enjoy her party, Garten said planning is key.

“I am very organized,” she said. “I plan absolutely for everything. I don’t have anything to cook while guests are there. The only thing I might have to do is take something out of the oven and carve it.”

Ina Garten on Season 66 of Today in December 2017
Inna on the garden Today Season 66 | Nathan Congleton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

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Her trick is not to do everything every day.

“When I prepare a menu for a party, I make sure that I have done at least one thing the day before, at least one thing I can do early in the day, and then only have one thing in the oven when she said.” It’s planning – just Make sure the list is actionable. “

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Viewers see this again and again Barefoot Contessa. Garten might set up one training session the day before her before she had friends over to her Hamptons home for a dinner party.

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