In Halsima’s Kingdom: “Consequences” by Tawfiq Déby after his tweets on Israel | The interior

In Halsima’s Kingdom: “Consequences” by Tawfiq Déby after his tweets on Israel |  The interior

Deby spoke on Twitter about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on May 21. The official expressed his frank support for boycotting products from Israel and imposing sanctions on that country. This came to him a lot of criticism. Then he tweeted a photo of the cockroaches, which were so harmful in Jewish circles.

He also wished for the House of Representatives, which was photographed with the Israeli flag in recent weeks ‘in displaying rumors of crimes against humanity organized by the Israeli Information and Documentation Center’ if they were to eat something in an entrepreneur who recently opened their balconies again.

Behavioral rules

Chancellor Annabel Nanninga (JA21) raised the issue in City Council on Wednesday. She wanted to know from Mayor Vimki Halsema, who as a MP for the GL with Debbie in the GL faction in the past, whether Déby’s statements have been shared by City Council and whether they are in line with the civil servant code of conduct.

Because although civil servants are also entitled to freedom of expression, it is limited. The Municipal Code of Conduct states: “This is because statements you give as a civil servant can be considered data issued by the municipal council. But you are not a driver. Therefore, you must be careful to express your personal opinions openly. So you cannot just say, write or Posting everything on social media. “

The law also stipulates that consideration must be given to the “objectivity and political sensitivity of the issue.” The objectivity and political sensitivity of the topic are also important. You should be more careful about topics in the news or of particular interest to interest groups (lobbyists). Discriminatory or racist statements are never commensurate with the role of a civil servant. It doesn’t matter whether you do it during or outside business hours. “

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Mayor Halsima responded to Nanninga that Déby had violated the code of conduct. “You are right: the statements that have been made do not comply with the code of conduct. It also means that there will be consequences. At the moment the civil servant is not available, but when he returns, there will be a meeting with his supervisor in the presence of the Integrity Office.”

Since then, Déby has removed his controversial Twitter messages – which he initially dismissed as a “joke” -. D66 MP Debbie tells on Twitter that the “two rather blunt jokes” can be easily deformed and it looks like you can also take them personally. “

He had previously lost his credibility when he tweeted a photo of a sniper in which he posted the text: “I am in Ramadan when you have a drink on the balcony.”

In 2018, Debbie becomes an advisor to the board of directors of District President Emre Onver (GL), and is a childhood friend of Debbie. Depending on the district, the application process went well at the time and Debbie was selected from among the 50 other applications received because of his talents, the district reported at the time on questions from De Telegraaf.

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